We offer these services

Protein stabilization for biotechnology and biomedicine

We redesign the gene encoding your protein so that to can get a thermostabilized protein. We are a experimental and biocomputational group with a large experience in protein stabilization. We have discovered and mastered strategies to rationaly stabilize proteins, and we have wrote efficient software to speed up the design. Whether you need to increase your yield, obtain a transport and shelf-friendly version of your protein or extend the temperature range of operation we can help you.
More stable enzymes
Optimized biological drugs
Improved yields and crystalization

Discovery of bioactive compounds using HTP screening

If you need to identify a small molecule that can exert a specified biological effect on your system (protein, cell or organism) we can screen large chemical libraries to find suitable hits. Typical applications include identifications of protein modulators for medicine or research (protein stabilizers, aggregation inhibitors, protein inhibitors, bactericidal or cytotoxic compounds) or for veterinary or agricultural applications. Contact us to get an initial assesment of the feasibility of your project using our technology.
Drug discovery
Formulation of highly-priced proteins
Novel molecular tools